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The word “Umong” means Tunnel, so you can call Wat Umong “The Tunnel Temple”. The reason why it’s called Wat Umong is that it has a tunnel under the big pagoda. Inside the tunnel, there is a wall that can you can pass through to get to the temple. This temple has been around for over 700 years, built during the Lanna period. In the olden days, the kings of the Lanna Kingdom will order the creation of almost all temples, including Wat Umong. It’s also one of Chiang Mai’s “jungle temples” where numerous Buddhist monks come to retreat and meditate.

It is easy to come to this temple because it is a temple in Chiang Mai city. When you come in, you will immediately understand why locals call it the “Jungle Temple in the City”. This temple used to be a filming location for many movies, which means that this place is beautiful and charming in every corner. In front of the large pagoda is a photo corner that is perfect for photo opportunities.

Inside the tunnel, there is a hole for natural light to pass through, so you can see light without having to use electricity at all. Walking around inside the tunnel is like an adventure, you will go in and out in many ways. When you go outside the tunnel, there are have many histories for you to see. Example as hundreds of years of ancient stone carvings and a pile of stones lined with morals hidden in every pile. In this temple, there is not only ancient architecture but also are new buildings built as a meditation area. Next to the tunnel and the meditation area, you will see a bridge where you can walk to the nearby canal. There are a lot of pigeons in this area and the canal has a lot of fish. You can stop to buy bread at the grocery store in front of the temple to feed both the pigeons and the fish. It is a relaxing activity and you can get photos of these good moments to cherish.

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When you finish visiting Wat Umong, there are many nearby places to visit too. There are many cafes, restaurants, and local communities. Wat Umong is definitely another place that should not be missed when you visit Chiang Mai.

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