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lam m.

Experience Chinese Culture along Bangkok's Riverbanks and Tour Tha Din Daeng Market

Cool, nice and delicious

Charles did quite a good job on introduce me around with local place....which as per promised no tourist place at lucky am i get to visit the exhibition about the late king~ of cuz not to mention about the local food that he brought me reali nice of him....who also brought me to find the mookata pot which i think im not able to make it without him...charles is so thoughtful, always make sure i do feel enjoy and relax during the tour..will definitely recomm3nd to my friends around who coming to bkk sooner or later.

November 12, 2017
Dmitri G.

Old Town Walking Tour & Local Food

Truly local experience

I booked a tour on a very challenging date: both river and lots of streets in the centre were closed. Fortunately Chawana handled it great and adjusted the tour to make the most of it.

October 15, 2017
Sophie R.

Old Town Walking Tour & Local Food

Nice visit

Chawana was very friendly and efficient. I would not have been to visit all these wonderful places without his knowledge of the city and most efficient way to go from one place to another without losing time.
Thanks to him I could see the most beautiful temples but also non touristic places (in particular a local market where we had a delicious lunch and where I was the only tourist).
As he says himself, he is not a profesionnal guide but a local friend showing you his city. This is exactly what it was.

August 15, 2017
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