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Chiangmai , Thailand
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I am A student who study at Chiangmai university. I am delighted and love adventures. I often take my foreign friends who come visit to many places here in Chiangmai.

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Shalini P.

Cycling Tour to Grand Canyon Chiangmai via Peaceful Shortcut

Fun nice different

Was little unprofessional but later she made up for whatever went wrong

October 30, 2017

Escape to Chill On the Wonderful Mountain with Local Bus Adventure!

Poorly planned

While Darla was enthusiastic and bubbly as a person, we felt that she did not do her job adequately as a guide. For starters, she was late despite being the one who fixed the meet-up time. She did not do enough research and lacked general knowledge about the place, the people, the trails and the safety of the trail. This was of particular concern to us because we expected to be guided by 'local expert' as stated on the site, not someone who was a tourist like we are. She then confesses that while she's been here before with her friends awhile back, she's never led anyone on this tour.

July 03, 2017
Anne-Sophie M.

Take a Day Trip and Explore the Secrets of Chiang Mai

Excellent, interesting, personal

I had an amazing time with Darla! She took me on a trip with her bike and showed me around all the way up in the mountains. She shared a lot of interesting information. It was a great dat. Would recommend!

June 18, 2017
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