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239/1551 Thunyaburi Pathumthani 12110, Thailand, Thailand
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Nice to meet you guys. I'm a friendly girl whose want to practice English and take you see a part of Thailand, people unknown there. We can exchange experience. Come with me, Thanks!

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Rebecca R.

Take a Bike Tour of Bangkok's Green Lung

Awesome day trip

Ice was an amazing guide, very helpful and friendly and you could tell she knew the area well. We had a great day and it was nice to get out of the city and see some greenery!

April 16, 2017
Erik B.

Take a Bike Tour of Bangkok's Green Lung

Awesome experience

Ice was incredibly friendly, professional and knowledgeable about our tour of the "Green Lung." I will highly recommend this tour to colleagues.

January 14, 2017
Elisa D.

Take a Bike Tour of Bangkok's Green Lung

Excellent guide, fun day trip in Bangkok

The Island of Bangkok is really worth a visit and Ice made it easy to get there and back. We saw markets, a park, a Siamese fighting fish museum and so much more.

January 08, 2017
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