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Bangkok, Thailand
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People says I'm a lively cook! I accommodate thousands of travelers from around the world over past 8 years. I open my home to foreigners to see and learn Thai traditional cooking. Come join me and try my simple yet extraordinarily delicious meals!

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ian G.

Private Authentic Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok


A really lovely personalised experience. Thankyou so much!! Jekky took me into her home and not only did we cook, but had a fantastic afternoon just chatting and learning more about local thai culture, food and family....

June 03, 2017
Li Shan F.
Li Shan

Private Authentic Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

Natural relaxed setting

Jekky was very at home with presenting this class, she made it flow effortlessly, and it was quite enjoyable. I wished I had taken better notes for the recipes.

April 15, 2017
Klein T.

Cheap & Fun TukTuk Tour

Trip was cancelled by JK Singtothong 2 days before the date

Local Expert Response: "Thank you for your reply. And sorry for any inconvenience case ): I have the emergency appointment."

December 02, 2016
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