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Street Food Tour by Chef Jekky


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Calling food lover from all around the world! Thai food is the most world famous food. Tomyum soup, any kind of curry and Padthai is not famous for Thai people at all. If you want to know more about Thai food, please feel free to contact me.

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3 hours

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Street Food

Jekky S.

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Jekky S.


Why this trip?

A very local street food, cheap, clean, and yummy. Non Tourist Area!

How local is it?

It´s a very local friendly and cozy place. Safety area and lovely local people. No cheating!!

What makes it unique?

Non Tourist Area! No cheating! The best famous Local Food area! Friendly People. Safety Area. Unique and Hidden Area

Things to prepare for the trip

Empty stomach :)

Mango & Sticky Rice
Mango & Sticky Rice
Food shop
Street food at night
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A 100 shops and dishes
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Drinking and relaxing place after dinner
Chicken noodle



Meet up at BTS Station (Ari)


Start taste the traditional Thai food (green curry, fish pancake and banana flitter) at Ari area.


Take the TukTuk to the famous local organic food area. We will taste the the most delicious Satay and Thai salad.


Walk to the other local street food to taste season fruit, and the best local Padthai.


The end of the tour, we will enjoy mango and sticky rice :)


You will also try local herbal drink. No need to worries at all if you are vegan, vegetarian and Muslim because I can assist you.

Trip detail

Transportation :

Public Transportation

Max travelers :


Language :

English, ไทย

Trip conditions
Vegeterian food
Seasonal activity
Flexible plan
Children friendly

Price condition

All inclusive

Meals are included. (Note that alcohol is excluded)
Transportation fares are included.
Admission fees are included.

Meeting point

BTS Station

- Ari

Price per person
800 THB
Total price
1,600 THB

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

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ian G.

Private Authentic Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok


A really lovely personalised experience. Thankyou so much!! Jekky took me into her home and not only did we cook, but had a fantastic afternoon just chatting and learning more about local thai culture, food and family....

June 03, 2017
Li Shan F.
Li Shan

Private Authentic Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

Natural relaxed setting

Jekky was very at home with presenting this class, she made it flow effortlessly, and it was quite enjoyable. I wished I had taken better notes for the recipes.

April 15, 2017
Klein T.

Cheap & Fun TukTuk Tour

Trip was cancelled by JK Singtothong 2 days before the date

Local Expert Response: "Thank you for your reply. And sorry for any inconvenience case ): I have the emergency appointment."

December 02, 2016
1st traveler
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