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Khaolak, Thailand
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Hi! I'm Folk. I'm the local guy who live in Khaolak and I would like to present things to you guys how amazing the place I am staying at.

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tanja A.

Similan Islands premium snorkeling day trip

Sunny Similan

Day trip was amazing! Boat crew was super professional and we had enjoyable day! Only issue was with our pick-up time. We were told to be ready between 8.20-8.30. 7.50 our hotel people came knocking on our door and we were greeted by angry driver and few frustrated passangers thinking we were madly late. Driver had pick-up time 7.40 for us. Not a greatest way to start the day with but luckily at least our fellow passangers understood us after explaining the delay. So I’d suggest to confirm your pick-up time to make sure it’s right.

January 14, 2018
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