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My name's Pinky. I come from Ratchaburi, Western Thailand. I work as a tour guide but I have always been interested in dancing since young age. From Thai traditional dance in my teenage years, I started getting into Latin dance in my early 20s. I have also won a champion title from Ballroom dancing competition!

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Peter B.

Taste Local Street Food in Bangkok's Chinatown

fun, delicious, excellent

The trip started out a little late, because of trouble with the BTS outside our guide's control. From the BTS station we went by boat on the Chao Phraya river, always beautiful. On the boat, she talked us into 'what you are going to see and eat'.
Then a short walk onto Yaowarat street, most signs lit up brightly in Chinese. Then delicious food, many different flavors. We realized that the small yellow balls, which we had seen on sale on the streetside on the road to Chiang Mai, had been gingo, and they were yummy. The duck rolls and the mango and sticky rice desert were especially tasty.
She brought us back by tuk-tuk, underground and BTS to 100 meters from our hotel.
My mother (first time in Thailand) and me (old hand) had a great time.

August 31, 2017
Joanna S.

Taste Local Street Food in Bangkok's Chinatown

Great experience

We had a great trip with Pinky. It was raining and some of the stalls were closed, so our trip was limited. I thought that we could have tried at least one more dish, but overall it was good!

July 07, 2017
Murphy H.

Taste Local Street Food in Bangkok's Chinatown


January 27, 2017
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