Nusara R.

Bangkok, Thailand
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A happy women, adore travelling and wish everyone happy.

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Gordon H.

Amazing Ayutthaya! Check out The Old Vibe of Thailand!

Very good

Nusara has a good style with customers and will be a good guide. RIght now, she needs to know more about the areas she guides to - like the history of Ayutthaya.

September 24, 2017
Pablo R.

Amazing Ayutthaya! Check out The Old Vibe of Thailand!

Awesome service & trip

Nusara and her partner "Khon" are extremely kind and friendly. They try their best to give you the best experience and the mange to do it very well. Extremely recommended.

June 24, 2017
jurongsq F.

Sightseeing Tour at a Local Fishery and the Amphawa Floating Market

Exceptional tour

Very professional and knowledgeable, made every effort to make our visit a very worthwhile trip, and highly recommend Nusara and the Take Me Tour group.

February 19, 2017
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