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Lin Z.

Unseen Bangkok from Another Perspective

This guide is really very good! Choose him! Wise choice!

First of all we get started! Just began to have friendly feeling to see a good tour guide! A sample is like a Chinese! At first thought is apart from the department of Chinese! Is a little handsome boy oh! Go up about some knowledge distance I know speak Chinese! From knowing only speak Thai and English! F I add with distance WeChat! Call from to use WeChat communication with me! There are translation on WeChat! Others very good! First of all we speak the point! From the stand to take me to the first! Is shopping! Shopping over there have a lot of delicious! We eat with a good famous powder! Good taste! Food with a lot of Thai snacks! Looking for things. Then distance to take me to the next stop is the temple! The temple good big very big! How many hours should we go with go! From the call with a photographer to come and help us photos! The shadow after you I feel very tired after the meal! I just from the known to the hotel! I really is too tired! There are several attractions not line! This guide is really very good! Choose him! Wise choice!

July 13, 2016
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