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Catch 'Em All: Pokémon (Go) Catching in Bangkok


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Coming over to Bangkok? Now, it's your chance to catch all the Pokémon, while exploring the town. Whether it's Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, or Snorlax, don't let any of them slip away. Catch, evolve, fight, and many more all in one day with me ;)



Meet up at BTS Station (Phaya Thai, Siam)


Let's start our tour right in the biggest shopping district of Bangkok, Siam. Walk around and explore some Fairy or Dragon Pokemons here. We can dos one shoppings a bit here too.


Find a Pokestop to rest our pokemon and grab our lunch


Visit the most significant landmarks of Bangkok; Grand Palace, Temple of Emerald Buddha, and Sanam Luang park, etc. We will inspect the area for some rare Pokemons here.


Then, we travel to Chinatown to reach another Pokestop; grab some local snacks, observe the area, catch some local Pokemons.


After you have refilled our energy (and tummy), we will head over to Chao Phraya riverside for some water Pokemons. Let's battle at a local Gym while watching the sunset by the river.


Catch some ghost and Psych Pokemons before we head back to our meeting point.


Time to say goodbye

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Transportation fares are included.

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Meals are excluded

Why this trip?

Exploring Bangkok and its way of life while catching local Pokemons in a day to complete the most out of your Pokedesk. Sounds fun already!

How local is it?

The places I'm going to take you to are both local and famous among Thai folks. But, I'll make sure to take you to certain places that have certain types of Pokemons. We know we might catch some rare Pokemon while walking around Chinatown, right?

What makes it unique?

Not only you get to sightsee around the most famous areas and landmarks of Bangkok, but also take your time to explore and catch all the local Pokemons here. It's definitely going to be fun! ;)

Meeting Points

BTS Stations

- Phaya Thai

- Siam

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Book with TakeMeTour
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THB 1,200.00 / Person