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Hello!! My name soe I'm live in Thailand

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Oonagh H.

Good care elephants and climbing at sticky waterfall.

Elephants and sticky waterfall

It was really nice to see that there is a camp for elephants without chains or hooks or riding. The elephants seemed happy and it was a good not so touristic place. We had a good guide and driver. The sticky waterfall was a nice experience too... a bit slippery at some times. Overall we really enjoyed this day. A recommended trip.

December 09, 2017 H.

Explore The Bua Tong "Sticky" Waterfall With a Local Expert

Very friendly

Great experience and would definitely recommend it to friends visiting Chiang Mai

December 08, 2017
Miriam A.

Explore The Bua Tong "Sticky" Waterfall With a Local Expert

Crear tour

Joe was very friendly

December 01, 2017
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