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Cycle Back to the Old Days in U-Thong and Savor Riverside Lunch in Suphan Buri


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Explore the old local community of Ban Khok, U-Thong in Suphan Buri by bicycle and learn about the life of Lao Krang ethnic group. We'll also visit a temple, vegetable farms, and rice fields, experience the local farmers' way of life, and enjoy delicious local lunch by the riverside at one of Suphan Buri's best restaurants.

Food & Drink

Local Life

History & Culture

LocalTableatRuen Chai Nam

  • Hor Mok Pla Phao (Steamed Seafood With Curry Paste in Bamboo Can)

  • Freshwater Snail Curry

  • Grilled Shrimps (500 g)

  • Rice

  • Dessert



All menu items are subject to seasonal availability.


Please always inform your Local Expert of your food allergies and dietary restrictions.




Meet up at hotel lobby (in Bangkok area)


Arrive at Ban Khok in U-Thong District, where the locals are of Lao Krang ethnicity. They originated from the hills of Laos back in the days and specialize in agriculture. They use old-style bicycles to go places. They are big and iconic and you'll also get to ride them.


Let's ride Lao Krang-style bicycle. I will take you to pay respect to the "Ghost" of the village. The locals here believe that the Ghost is the protector of their community.


After paying respect to the "Ghost" at the shrine, we'll stroll around the rice fields and vegetable farms in the area. After that, you will get to make your own accessories from traditional beads.


For lunch, I will take you to a lush riverside restaurant. Enjoy great food with great views.


After lunch, I'll take you to Wat Palelai. This temple houses a gigantic Buddha that's highly revered among the locals in Suphan Buri ever since it came to be.


Next, we will visit the "Na Here Chai" or "Lifestyle and Spirit of Thai Farmers Learning Center". You'll get to learn all about Thai farmers' way of life.


Time to go back to Bangkok.


We are back at our meeting point, and the trip ends here. Thank you for joining me.

Trip Conditions

Children Friendly

Smart Casual

Price Conditions

Transportation fares are included.

Admission fees are included.

Meals are included.

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Why this trip?

If you want to open your eyes to the local way of life in Suphan Buri, and also eat delicious Thai food, then come with me!

Things to prepare for the trip

Dress in a smart casual style, as you will visit temples and shrines.

Meeting Point

Hotel Pickup

- Hotel Pickup in Bangkok Area

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