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 Our private 1-day tours to cities and towns near Chiang Mai make sure you get to experience the White Temple, natural hot spring and the best authentic Khao Soi just like the locals do!


Places to visit around Chiang Mai 

See Buddhist Heaven & Go Temple-hopping

You might think you’ve seen enough temples in Thailand, but we hope you get to see what the Buddhist heaven looks like at the famous White Temple! Our Local Experts will also take you to the Blue Temple, where contemporary and traditional arts meet. 

Discover where Thailand, Laos and Burma meet!

We share our Northern border with Laos and Myanmar, and you can see where us the 3 musketeers meet at Golden Triangle. The spot has its own charms, with the magical Mekong river glides peacefully by. Have even more fun and shop at Laos market then peek over to the Myanmar border - literally a 3-in-1 day tour!

Go Green at Tea Plantations

Chiang Rai is famous for its lush tea plantations. One of the absolute highlights is the heavenly organic Butterfly Pea flower and Bael Fruit teas at Sawan Bon Din Farm. Even if you’re not a tea lover, the vast green field is definitely a feast to the eyes, and a gift for your lungs.

Meet the Locals at Karen Hill Tribe Village

The Karen people are one of Northern Thailand’s  indigenous tribes. You might have seen pictures of their colorful traditional outfit and the iconic silver hoops around their neck. Did you know that these hoops can literally lengthen your neck? Come learn more about the fascinating life of the Karen Hill Tribe People with our Local Experts!

Hug the Giants at Elephant Sanctuary & Go Zip Lining

Experience the two must-do activities and also get to see other beautiful places outside Chiang Mai with our Local Experts. You’ll be bathing, feeding and hugging the lovey elephants in the most ethical way possible. There will be no riding, shows or any kind of animal abuse. Then pump up your adrenaline and go zip lining through the lush jungle! 

Explore Cotton Weaving Culture and Visit Unseen Marvelous Temples

If you’re textile geek, a visit to the Cotton Weaving Hub of the North might be just for you. Here, the locals hand weave their signature cotton clothes, and you can shop the finished pieces as the genuine souvenirs from Thailand. Plus, our Local Experts will make sure you don’t miss the chance to see beautiful ancient temples outside Chiang Mai

Go on an Adventure at Natural Hot Spring, Waterfall or Cave

One of the best tours near Chiang Mai are definitely the stunning turquoise waterfalls, natural hot springs and cave. Treat your sore muscles in steaming hot spring or have more fun - and boil some eggs! Our adventurous Local Experts will happily take you on a local adventure.

Let our Local Experts help you explore cities and towns near Chiang Mai just like a local with our Private 1-day Tours!