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This winter, Chiang Mai no wonder makes it to our travel bucket list. One of the fascinating places worth mentioning is definitely Warorot Market. Here, you’ll get to discover the old world charms stand against a hundred of years, but still enchanted with countless things to see.

In the past, this market was the "Khuang Mane" cremation site where bones of the upper classes are embedded. Afterwards, Dara Rasamee, the royal princess of Chiang Mai, decided to move Khuang Mane to Suan Dok Temple and built this market instead. The Warorot Market was built around 1910. The name undoubtedly comes from the ruler of Chiang Mai, who has given the name Warorot Market in the same name as in Warorot of himself. Later, the villagers gradually called it Kad Luang meaning great market, till these days.Well, this is truer than true. Warorot is super popular among the locals as well as tourists, not only because it’s considered as an old gem, but because of its variety of stalls, chilling vibes, and yes, tasty food!

Warorot Market has almost everything you need. Food, wares, and souvenirs, we promise you will find all sorts of these  in this Kad Luang. Walking in, you will come across a lively flow of Thai people and tourists since it is known as one of the important landmarks of Chiang Mai. The most popular souvenirs that you can’t miss are surely “Sai Ua” (Northern Thai Sausage) and “Nam Prik Num” (Northern Thai Green Chilli Dip), pork snack, and dried fruit. As for the dried fruit, the most popular ones are longan and mango. Coming to Thailand, trying tropical fruits is a must! We can say that anyone who came to Warorot market and didn't go back with these items is missing a good thing in Chiang Mai.

Right now, in addition to the traditional stores, there are also many cafes to open in this market. Yes, if you are looking for more trendy and cool cafes, this is the right place. Whether it’s a modern or contemporary one, Kad Luang has them in the lists, saying that it is a perfect combination of the era.

If you visit Warorot Market and look for more things to do, you may walk to the nearby Flower Market and Fresh Market. The Fresh Market is vastly known as the Longan Tree Market. You can buy fresh products such as meat, vegetables, and fruits, as well as eating a freshly made dish at the food stall. As for the Flower Market, there are many fresh flower shops gathered, both native and seasonal flowers. Since these shops are super local, the prices are inexpensive. This might be your chance to bring some floral goods home!

Chiang Mai has so many things to offer to its visitors rather than just its misty mountains. See the way of life in the local street. Explore every corner and discover the side only few people know about with our Local Expert.

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If after strolling along Warorot Market and find yourself a market walk lover, we suggest you don’t miss visiting Chiang Mai Night Bazaar! Here, you will find the dazzling street full of endless stalls. Don’t forget to check out the clothes shop, there are numerous, and they are all super cheap hand-tailored products! Delightful selection of food is here for you to try. Getting weary from eating local food? Just a step away at Chang Klan Road, you will come across loads of international restaurants and pubs. So have a drink and get some dances!

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