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Talking about Eastern Cambodia, how unusual it is to not mention Mondulkiri? The province is doubtlessly known for its breathtaking scenery, from the stunning Bousra Waterfall to the forested mountain tops. Hidden in Sen Monorom city, located one of the most local communities in Cambodia. Unmask the exotic lifestyle at Bunong Village, Mondulkiri.

Visiting Bunong Village, you will come across these friendly locals, vastly known by everyone as a super-relaxed group of people. The Pnong are the largest Cambodian ethnic minority group, and yes, most of them are found here in Mondulkiri. Entering the village, you will see the untouched lifestyle of indegenous people. This small village fortunes their livings on farming and crafts. In the past, the Pnong shifted their cultivation area seasonally. However, environmental law becomes a big thing. The villagers then set a farming in the old land they have left for years. Hill rice, vegetables, fruits, all sorts of plantations are found here in Bunong village.

One of the most fascinating things about Bunong Village is the culture of animism. No wonder, they are living under the respect of the spirits. So yes, if you’re lucky, you might be able to experience the ceremony held for “Jaks” , the spirit that Bunong Villagers are most feared of. Here, you will get to see lush nature as the area is well-known in its preservation of abundant wildlives, like the sizable groups of elephants. 

Of course, spending a day in Mondulkiri, you will not want to miss the adventurous activities among a rich wilderness! If you’re an animal lover, this is definitely the place. Here, you can visit the elephant sanctuary and jungle treks. Get on a 1-day elephant tour where you can feed these amazing beings, and follow them through their bamboo search in the jungle. What’s more, spend time joining the water fight and washing them up. No worries, here, an elephant riding is a no-no thing. So, you can be assured that you are on a journey that really supports these friendly creatures. Yes, if you want to enjoy nature to the fullest, going to Bousra Waterfall is a must! This 3-drops waterfall is considered as one of the most magnificent attractions in Cambodia.

Even though Mondulkiri might not be the most popular place to go, when thinking about Cambodia, still, it is definitely worth a visit. Here, explore the different sides of a modern world, retrieve yourself back to the time of originality, and see the word of the indegenous. 

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If you’d love to discover every bit of the Bunong Villager’s local life, many of them are open for guest visits and for overnight stays, so make sure you check out their guesthouse availability! And yes, apart from the stunning Bousra Waterfall, the Sea Forest is a must-visit natural attraction where you can trek up and see the panoramic view of Mondulkiri from the top!