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When talking about Thailand, there are two sides. The high-rise buildings and the super-exotic cultures. But, above all that, if we take a closer look, they are mixed into one. If you have no idea what we are talking about, visit the spectacular Suphanburi City Pillar Shrine. At this stunning dragon-like pillar, you will discover the fascinating stories of the cultural diversity of the locals and the ties to their hometown. 

City pillars or Lak Mueang are found across Thailand whether it’s the bustling city or even in the less-visited area. Well, of course, the city pillar is not a must-have thing. But, since Thais have a deep religious relationship, adding this bit will sure brighten up our spirits! Dating back to the ancient days, most cities usually hold the City Pillar Shrine ceremony hosted by the Brahman (we usually add the word “Shrine” since that’s where most pillars are housed in, but Suphanburi is a bit more extra we guess!). It is undoubtedly found constructed in the strategic landmark, believing this will bring prosperity and power. 

However, Suphanburi City Pillar is nowhere near the ones in other cities. The so-called “City’s Guardian Shrine” is just a few steps away from the serene Tha Chin River. Take a glimpse at the delicately decorated pillar curled up with the colorful mythical creatures. The locals usually stop over to pay respect, ask for a safe journey and good fortune! Take a cool shot in front of the gigantic dragon. What more is that you can walk through history at the Dragon Descendants Museum right inside of this 135 metres long being. Discover Thai-Chinese diplomatic relationships and the fascinating stories of many Thais’ ancestors through super fun media!

Of course, after the long day exploring the city, stop over at the 100 years Sam Chuk Market. At this antique market, you will definitely come back with a new favourite local dish! Well, we can’t say what exactly is the must-try because all of them are smashing divine. So, let’s talk about the authentic ones. Don’t miss the famous roasted duck and sun-dried beef. The age of these shops is no different from the market. And yes, for something to fill up your cup, go for the Thai traditional coffee!

Strolling along the town all day, you might need a bit of adventure to spice up your trip. On the way to Suphanburi, you will surely come across numerous rice farms. And yes, many of the Thai farmers get help from their lovely buffalo friends. So how about visiting the Buffalo Village (or Baan Kwai) and learn more about these friendly beings? Here, you can enjoy your time and experience the real local life, from dipping in the paddy field and planting the rice, to discovering how to use the fishing nets!

Not so far away from Bangkok, you can unveil the local life in a quieter part of Thailand. Escape the hustle and bustle, and immerse yourself with nature. Try the scrumptious food and explore the cultural diversity hidden in every corner. Want to know the city in detail? Let our Local Experts who know their hometown best guide you :)

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Suphanburi City Pillar Shrine situated right on the ground of Dragon Descendants Museum. So walking in, you will find the place is almost all red, so put on your most colorful outfit! Plus, if you have more time visiting this peaceful city, we recommend you take a fun walk at Phu Hang Nak Stone. Here, you can trace through the hidden trail leading you to the scenic rock bridge and 1000 years forest!

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