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In this historical town of Kanchanaburi, you will see countless trails leading you to the time of World War II. But, just a few steps away, located a stunning natural spot that less people have experienced. At Krasae Cave, discover the lives of the labourers hidden from the shed of light and enjoy numerous activities among the scenic surroundings.

Situated just a short walk from the Death Railway and the exquisite River Kwai Bridge, Krasae Cave will offer you a unique experience full of mysteries. Inside this small cave, you will come across the magnificent bronze Buddha Images. It’s not so unusual for the locals to visit and pay respect with literally all sorts of stuff, from Jasmine Garland to flavoured syrup. So come and ask for a good fortune like the locals do! Of course, Krasae Cave is not just a natural must-visit place. It’s no different than the super-famous historical attractions, since it is filled with endless stories of the past. Krasae Cave is widely known as a place captivating allied prisoners and forced labourers during the 1940s railway construction.

Though we all locals know that the area around Krasae Cave is called “Koang Morana”, meaning the death turn, the view from here is breathtaking and is definitely worth visiting. Walking to the front of the cave, you will come across the scenic landscape of River Kwai below your feet. Plus, it would be a bit unfair to not mention the abundant wilderness surrounding the cliff. And yes, if you cannot get enough just seeing the greenness from the top, how about going on some fun adventures among mother nature? Let’s get off the stunning train track and explore the serene vibes! Hop on a boat ride along River Kwai Bridge, it’s the perfect moment to get an instagrammable shot with a stunning backdrop!

Now, it’s the time for the real wild activities with the symbolic animal of Thailand. Visit the elephant sanctuary and enjoy the super wet’n wild time with these lovely beings. Being Thais’ friend for such a long time we could not even count, learn more about these amazing creatures. And, don’t miss having a water fight with them, that’s the main bit! After a long jolly day, we all need tasty things to fill up your belly. Being on a riverside, trying the freshest seafood is surely inevitable, and the grilled king prawn is a must-eat! If you are looking to spend your day to the fullest, there are plenty of riverside restaurants where you can have a super-scrumptious meal  whilst cherishing the best view.

No, this is not all that Kanchanaburi offers you yet. Here, you can unveil the historical side of Thailand, enjoy scenic natural attractions, endless fun activities, and of course, tasty dishes! Don’t miss out the best spots hidden from the crowd, explore Kanchanaburi at its fullest with our Local Experts who know best :-)

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Krasae Cave opens for visitors daily, from 7AM to 5PM, but we suggest you come early to absorb the peaceful morning vibes. And yes, if you visit Thailand on a hot summer day (which is prolly most of the time), don’t skip cooling yourself down at the exquisite 7-tiered Erawan Waterfall. Here, you can enjoy swimming in the emerald green pool and discover endless species of wildlives. Want to sprightly end your night? Take a chill walk at JJ Night Market and try all ranges of street food!

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