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When visiting Thailand, exploring local markets and tasting some delicious dishes are definitely on the bucket list. Unusual markets are found across the country and there is a variety of choices to be chosen. But, If strolling in a vintage market or fruit market does not give you enough excitement, how about increasing the experience in your shopping to a higher level? Folding Umbrella Market will unquestionably fasten the tempo of your pulse as it is considered as one of the most dangerous markets in Thailand. Where the train and locals merge is surely worth a visit. 

Folding Umbrella Market is also known as Maeklong railway market, situated in Samut Songkhram. In the middle of this busy fresh market lies a railway that is still in use. What’s so special about this place is not how the train passes through the heart of the market daily, but the way that hundreds of shops shelving up their stall right just a metre away from the half-mile track like it is never there before. Once the train whistles, the locals grab their stuff and fold their umbrella as the train slowly approaches like it is a regular thing to do.

Dated back to 1901, Tha Jeen Railway Limited Company obtained a concession to operate a train service from Khongsan to Mahachai and the inauguration is honored by the presence of King Rama VI. Over 40 years later, State Railway of Thailand acquired the operation with the price of 2 million baht. In the present, there is only one train departing and passing through Folding Umbrella Market 8 times a day.  However, local vendors still get on the train to Mahachai, buying fresh goods back to sell at Maeklong Market, just exactly like what was back in the day. The train approaches the market daily at 8.30 AM, 11.10 AM, and 2.30 PM. Leaving at 6.20AM, 9.00AM, 11.30AM, and 3.30 PM. So, if you do not want to miss the highlight of this market, you better be prepared for the schedule. Estimating the time and activities can be tense sometimes, having the locals to guide you around the area is a bright idea. You can even hop on the train with our local experts for a more colorful experience!

The fascination of Folding Umbrella Market does not only lie in its novelty hardly seen elsewhere, but it also embeds in the way locals carry on the customs, freezing the enchantment of these markets for over a hundred years. Just an hour away from Bangkok, exist a place that will definitely help you retrieve what things were like in the old days and how communities co-exist among such chaos. 

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Here at Maeklong railway market, you will be filled with liveliness as a crowd of sellers and locals flow in to shop and trade fresh products. There are plenty of unique local foods and products for you to try, ranging from groceries, sea food, to odds and sods. But, if you do not want to miss a thing. Here is our top recommendation. Take a bite on Platu Mae Klong (Mae Klong Mackerel Fish), the must-try dish locally caught in the nearby river! This steamed salted fish is a well known food in Samut Songkhram, and it even has its own festival! If you are a sweet tooth person, have a taste of the delicately made Luk Chup (Thai Fruit Shaped Mung Beans). We suggest that you visit the nearby Amphawa Floating Market to experience the lives along the river as well.

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