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If you want to know the history of Thailand’s involvement in World War II, then the world-famous Death Railway in Kanchanaburi is the place for you to go! Part of the Death Railway and one of the important symbols in Kanchanaburi is the River Kwai Bridge. This place is very popular for both Thais and foreigners.

The iconic bridge over the River Kwai is made from a semicircular steel structure. Alternating knit structures reinforced concrete pier Located at Tha Makham Subdistrict Mueang Kanchanaburi. Currently used as a thoroughfare for the Thon Buri - Nam Tok waterfall or Death Railway in the past. Away from the city to the north side along the National Highway 323, approximately 400 meters.

The history here is quite sad because the bridge is originally built by allied prisoners of war under the control of the Japanese army. The construction took just one year to complete before being bombed and destroyed by the Confederate Wing until the mid-bridge collapsed. Later, after the war ended. The Thai government bought this railroad from England for a total of 50 million Baht, and renovated it in the year of 1946. The repair at that time including the construction of a 2-span steel bridge instead of the original, and replaced the wooden bridge at the end. The total length of the bridge is precisely 322.90 meters.

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The place is regarded as “The Symbol of Peace”. Moreover, Kanchanaburi has an annual “Bridge Over the River Kwai” week, which has a sound show to relive the moments of World War II. The story about this bridge has also been made into a Hollywood movie such as “The Bridge on the River Kwai” (1957), which is based on the novel of the same name and another movie such as “The Railway Man” (2013) created from the biography of prisoners of war who built the Bridge over the River Kwai. If you’re a history buff and want to uncover the heritage of a special place, don’t give this place a miss! 

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