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"Nature doesn't need people. People need nature" Being surrounded by nature allows a tired mind to relax itself. Taking a break from a rapidly urbanising world might be a brilliant idea for your weekend getaway. If you need to indulge yourself in nature, Sai Yok Waterfall is definitely the place to go.

Situated in Kanchanaburi, Sai Yok waterfall is widely celebrated in literature and songs. The notable being one from the reign of King Rama V: The King's visit to Sai Yok Waterfall inspired one of her followers to compose a song describing the unique ethereal beauty of the fall. Located inside Sai Yok National Park, considered as one of those rare national parks where it is possible to get around by foot trails and without a guide, you will be able to enjoy the sights of native Thai wildlife in the national park. Following the trails to Sai Yok Waterfall, you will realise why this fall is famous for its unique beauty. You can go rafting and see schools of fish. Need a bit of resting time? Set down for a lovely picnic, have a chilling sightseeing, or cool yourself down by swimming whilst visiting the fall. 

Of course, having a day full of adventures, you need to fill yourself up with some stunning and scenic viewpoint! Don’t miss out visiting the iconic 258 miles River Kwai Bridge or the Death Railway. Unveil the long history of the thousands of laborers’ lives during the period of World War II. Get a relaxing stop to cherish the landscape view, and enjoy yourself with a good cup of coffee in the nearby cool cafes!

The easiest way to get there is driving there yourself to Sai Yok National Park which will take around and an hour from Kanchanaburi Town, go along Saeng Chu To Road and turn left at Kaeng Sian Junction, you will reach the waterfall's parking lot and walk for about 200 meters to get to the actual waterfall. On the other hand, taking the bus and motorcycle taxi will take you around an hour and a half, or take the train to Namtok Station from Kanchanaburi Town and continue on foot or other transportation which will take around 2 hours.When you arrive at the entrance of the national park, you will have to pay an admission fee of 300 baht for adults and 200 baht for children. 

Sai Yok Waterfall gained its fame by being uniquely beautiful to the eye, surrounded by trees, it is perfect for those who would like to relieve their everyday stress for a short moment with nature. So, don’t miss out adding this unreal waterfall in your travel wishlists!

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Visit Hell Fire Pass Memorial Museum for a more detailed story of World War II. Here, you can trace through history by discovering artifacts, photographs, and fun multimedia displays. Of course, Kanchanaburi is famous for its River Kwai. But no, the Death Railway is not the only spot to see. There are so many cool places hidden in this fascinating city. Endless restaurants with stunning views are there just along the river. Don’t forget to take a bite on the satisfying seafood dish, ranging from grilled freshwater prawns and fried Tubtim Fish. Be sure to try the most authentic one for a better experience!

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