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Along the way to Doi Inthanon, there’s an important stopover point which has a beautiful viewpoint in front of a waterfall. The cool weather and strong currents caused by waterfalls and water droplets. This beautiful place is called Wachirathan Waterfalls. If you are tired from a long drive this place is a good one to take a rest.

The outstanding feature of Wachirathan Waterfalls is a large number of individual waterfalls. Altogether, they make some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. Wachirathan Waterfalls is located in the area of ​​Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai province. Wachirathan Waterfalls starts from Mae Klang Creek and is also the origin of the mountain range leading up to Doi Inthanon.  The height of beautiful high cliffs is around 70 meters. There is a wooden bridge that stretches towards the cliff which is quite impressive.

The water flows down from the cliff into the basin below. There is the opposite steep cliff called Pha Mor Kaew or later called Pha Wan Kaew, which has water flowing all year round. When the sun shines through the water spray, you’ll see a beautiful view with beautiful, glistening sunlight.  In the light of the sun impacting the spray of water will appear a beautiful rainbow above the stream opposite a steep cliff. This is perfect for photographers or anyone who loves taking pictures of the beautiful nature. You can visit Wachirathan Waterfalls during any season. However, the most suitable period is the cold season. 

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Wachirathan Falls is located around 81.2 kilometers from Chiang Mai’s city area. However, you need not to worry about getting there. Come with our Local Experts in Chiang Mai, and you will reach there comfortably in his/her private car, making for a pleasant ride to and from!

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