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Bangkok, Thailand
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I was once a wanderer in this small fisherman village but I have now become a close friend to many villagers. Let them show you where is your (sea)food came from!

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Sayaka I.

From Sea to Table : A Day as A Fisherman, Mangrove Forest & Salt Farm

Great Experience

It was a nice and sunny day when we went on a tour with our guide, Pink. She showed us around in the mangrove forest and explained about the importance of environment conservation. My 1-year-old daughter was a bit too young to relish the educational significance of it, but she enjoyed spotting mad-hoppers among the mangroves.

After seeing the salt farm, we got on a speed boat and arrived at a beautiful house built on water! There we were welcomed by smiley Uncle and Auntie, and had a feast of yummy seafood dishes prepared by Auntie! After lunch it was as if visiting my own uncle and aunty's place. We spent the whole afternoon staying at their place, doing nothing really, but watching Auntie catch fish, learning how to make papaya salad, having a nap in a hammock, playing with a cat... It was nice to relax on a terrace with cool sea breeze after a hot day out in the sun.

At the end of the day, we didn't want to leave, and promised to ourselves that we come back again, next time for staying over night! Thank you, Pink, for a great day!!

February 07, 2017
Amornched J.

From Sea to Table : A Day as A Fisherman, Mangrove Forest & Salt Farm

Wonderful & Truly Local Experience

The tour conveniently starts from BTS station. Pink was a very friendly person that make the whole trip enjoyable. We visited mangrove forest, salt farm (with nice view from the cafe), and my most favourite, the fisherman village. I REALLY ENJOY being at the fisherman house because the lovely local couple there treat us very good (not to mention that she cook a very fresh & delicious seafood). The uncle also take us on the boat around his house. You can even bring the swimsuit to jump in the canal and try catching cockle (unfortunately, I didn't do it). I would highly recommend this trip to everyone as a MUST if you have a chance to be in Bangkok! I'll definitely go there again :)

January 25, 2017
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