Pat K.

Chiangmai, Thailand
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Spending 8 years in Bangkok in marketing job, I decided to move back to my hometown in Chiang Mai to spend time with my family and the mother nature. We have a garden where we grow vegetables and fruits for own use and also for sale. We also enjoy making Japanese-clay jewelry in our free-time. Come join me and my family to experience a peaceful living and let the nature embrace you!

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Eliana B.

Agriculture Canal & Mount Life - Cycling - Picnic in Nature

Great local experience

I ve visited local places that I couldnt fibd on my own in other way. Food is amazing and place very quiet and beautiful

January 21, 2018
Edyta W.

Agriculture Canal & Mount Life - Cycling - Picnic in Nature

Great time :)

Pat took us on a lovely ride along village roads together with her parents. We spent a wonderful time together, saw beautiful nature scenery and ate lunch at a pitoresque place. We truly recommend that tour to anyone who want to experience some rural climat in northern Thailand and meet interesting people :) We loved it!

January 07, 2018
Pilar B.

Agriculture Canal & Mount Life - Cycling - Picnic in Nature

Peaceful day in the countryside

Beautiful scenery biking through farms and fields. Delicious picnic of local dishes. Pat and her family are very generous and warm. Excellent way to experience country life and escape for a day.

December 31, 2017
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