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Mae Taeng Cycling Trip: Agricultural Life, Homemade Picnic & Thai Massage


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Let's explore the local side of Chiang Mai in my small lovely hometown. We'll bike along the canals of Mae Taeng with my family and me. You'll see the farmer's way of life and learn why water is life for the agricultural community. Then let's have a picnic along the local dam with my family's home-cooked Northern Thai dishes. Then let's finish your relaxing day with Thai Massage.




All menu items are subject to seasonal availability.


Please always inform your Local Expert of your food allergies and dietary restrictions.




Meet up at your preferred meeting point
- Hotel lobby (in Chiang Mai area)
- Airport (Chiang Mai International Airport)
- Bus Terminal (Chiang Mai Provincial Arcade Transport Station)
- Railway Station (Chiang Mai Railway Station)


Arrive at my home and walk around our beautiful garden. We'll get to know each kind of vegetables and fruits here. Then, let's learn about the plants we'll use to cook our picnic lunch.

Before we head out on our cycling trip, take a sip of the secret recipe of our Mom's smoothie.


Get ready and leave home on our cycling & picnic trip in Mae Taeng. This is what we always do as a family. We bike to the dam and see the locals' simple way of life. We'll stop at a local farm and try some fruit* and snacks along the way. (*Depend on the season)


Our itinerary is flexible, but around lunchtime, we'll have a picnic at the dam.

Banana Blossom Curry with Wildbetal Leaves
Vegetables with Spicy Pork and Tomato Dip and Pork Rinds
Sticky Rice with Fruit
Smoothie or Juice
* All are subject to availability.


After we've munched on our delicious picnic lunch and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, we'll return to my home.


Arrive home and enjoy Thai Massage from local blind masseur/masseuse. The Blind masseur/masseuse* is there to cure your sore muscles from cycling - a perfect way to cool down our adventurous trip.

Get into deep relaxation among greenery in our garden for 1 hour.


Finish with massage and get ready to leave to Chiang Mai City by car.


Arrive in Chiang Mai City safe and sound. This is the end of our trip, we hope you've had an awesome time and learnt a few things about the local life of Chiang Mai people.

Price Conditions

Transportation fares are included.

Admission fees are included.

Meals are included.

Why this trip?

Experience a simple rural area lifestyle of agriculture and farming through the local. We also do our cycling every morning from home and around the area and never one trip is the same and we would like to share this wonderful experience with you

Things to prepare for the trip

We will prepare the bicycle and food for you. So just come as you are. Massage service needs to be booked in advance at least 1-2 days, so last minute booking with less than 24 hour notice may cause the change in this service offering.

Meeting Points

Hotel Pickup

- Hotel Pickup in Chiang Mai Area


- Chiang Mai International Airport

Bus Terminal

- Chiang Mai Provincial Arcade Transport Station

Railway Station

- Chiang Mai Railway Station

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