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Who is the Local Expert?

Local Expert is like your local friend who love to show you around & share local stories with you during the most friendly & flexible trip.

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Who is the Local Expert?

Local Expert is like your local friend who love to show you around & share local stories with you during the most friendly & flexible trip. Learn More.

Traveler's Review


Polly R.

United Kingdom

PD was fantastic, I had a great day out and much of it was due to what great service she provided. I really enjoyed spending time with her as well as being at the waterfall. Highlight of my time in Chiang Mai!



Taylor K.

United States

Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to meet and take care of these beautiful gentle giants! You all do such inspirational work and have hearts of gold, we feel very fortunate to have met you, the entire staff and of course the elephants. We will most definitely be back!



Mariya C.

United States

If you have the availability and budget, take advantage of this opportunity! I'm a solo traveller who doesn't ride a motorcycle so I figured my options to get to the sticky waterfall were limited. Reading online indicated I'd have to pay around 1,000 baht to hire a red truck to take me, wait 2 hours, and drive back. Needless to say, finding this tour was a great blessing! We left late due to flooding where I lived but that can't be helped! The drive there was very scenic, I enjoyed just taking it all in (and PD was totally fine with my silence on the road while I marveled at the beauty around me). She pointed out temples and other interesting tidbits as we drove along. Upon arrival since we arrived late, we had lunch first, chicken with rice since the pad thai shop was closed. Still very tasty. She showed me an area that is a lake/fountain with rumored healing properties. Afterwards I slipped in some mud and cut my knee but PD came prepared to clean and bandage me up. Climbing a waterfall...what a unique experience! Was a little weird at first adjusting to the fact that it was climbable! After that it was just pure fun and bliss. PD knew the safe places to step and helped me when I slipped near the top (thankful they have ropes to grab onto!). Sitting on top of one of the falls, back against the water, looking over the tops of trees was pure peace. Afterwards she took me to a temple cave and allowed me to climb the 200+ stairs to the top. And then enjoyed the scenery on the way back. She even let me make a stop to run a quick errand on the way. Very sweet, wonderful guide. Knowledgeable and helpful too. Highly recommend!



Audrey H.

United States

Piangduan was an exceptional guide! The waterfall was incredible and she showed us around everything and explained the history behind it all. She is so friendly and knowledgeable. I was a little scared of climbing up the waterfall, and she made me feel very safe and was so helpful. She brought us Pad Thai that was delicious and we enjoyed nice conversation after the incredible tour. Highly recommend her!



colory b.

United States

PD is amazing. We love her knowledge and was always smiling. This was our first trip to Thailand and I found the tour by accident. We did it on May 4 and it wasn't busy. We felt we had the whole waterfall to ourselves. Its such a magical place. Thank you PD!



Amanda S.


The experience I had was 100% indescribable. PD was an amazing travel guide- I don't know how I would've had a better experience without her. Her kindness and patience really makes a difference.



Shelby J.


PD is the sweetest woman! So kind and informative. Brought us delicious pad Thai for lunch from her uncles restaurant. Offered to show us additional places on the way home. So much fun!!



Dan L.

United States

I had a very good visit to the Bua Tong Waterfalls thanks to Piangduan and companion. The trip was well organized, an easy journey to the falls from Chiangmai, a tasty picnic lunch, and a very exciting bare-footed climb up the falls. This makes a very nice half-day outing away from Chiangmai.



Ama A.


Most fun activity in Thailand with a very capable, hospitable guide.


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