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The Northern Capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai still carries with it today a great number of cultural and natural heritages. Chiang Mai hosts millions of visitors every year. But what do they come here for? 

Villages & Mountains

Besides the popular landmarks, Chiang Mai also offer a lot of getaway destinations to further away peaks and hills, villages and waterfalls. Get to see the exclusive spots and cultures Chiang Mai offers. But who can bring you there? See our top choices here:

Local Villages

Mountains & Nature

Other Fun Activities 

Elephants are the national animal of Thailand. They were really useful so we made them to work in warfare then later into logging industry in the past. But right now in our advanced society, some are put into entertaining humans at animal shows instead. Would it be better if we choose to rather care for them than using them?

Elephants Sanctuaries

Bamboo Rafting

Chiang Mai is so resourceful of mountains and water. Using a local product like bamboo enables visitors to experience a fun and unique rafting session right here in Chiang Mai. Get your blood pumped while enjoy the refreshing river stream!

Chiang Mai Delicacy

Street Food Tour

Street food is a huge part of Thai culture and Chiang Mai is not an exception. Especially around Tha Phae Gate and Chiang Mai Gate, hundreds of hawkers and stalls will be set up at night. Visitors can find both contemporary and traditional food here. Sai Oua (northern sausage), Nam Prik Noom (roasted chili dip), Nam Prik Ong (tomato chili dip), and Cap Mhoo (fried pork skin) are Chiang Mai's most well-known food among visitors. But surely, there are a lot more to it that you should not miss to try. For your best experience trying exotic food, it would be useful to have a little bit of help from a local person. 

Cooking Class and Home-Cooked Meal

Just like anywhere else, Chiang Mai's most wonderful meals are made at home. To get the glimpse of local cuisine and real food culture, a lot of local experts open their houses for you to come join their lovely cooking session and dine with them. Learn all local ingredients like Jin Som (fermented meat), Hom Daeng (Red Onion), or Nor Mai (Bamboo shoot) and taste the home-cooked meals right here in Chiang Mai.