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My name is Witthaya (you can call me Mr.POP), who was trained as a Buddhist monk for many year and wishes to provide the visitor a true view of Buddhist culture. We are dedicated to providing Tours that are : informative, educational, and enjoyable for the visitor coming to Northern Thailand.

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Inés F.

Responsible, Cruelty-Free Tour of Chiang Mai's Elephant Sanctuary

Amazing experience!!

Lanna’s elephant sanctuary was amazing, Mr Pop and the workers put all their effort and money to save this elephants and going there, feeding and bathing them is a once in a life time experience, totally recommend it!! The elephants are super friendly and the people who work this them treat them with love!! Also it’s a plus that they all speak English

January 12, 2018
Andres Q.

Responsible, Cruelty-Free Tour of Chiang Mai's Elephant Sanctuary

What we wanted

January 11, 2018
Sebastian I.

Responsible, Cruelty-Free Tour of Chiang Mai's Elephant Sanctuary

An amazing experience

We had a great time at the sanctuary. The elephants are treated with care and love. We fed them, wash them and look them play.
Is very nice to see people trying to make a difference rescuing these animals from the horrible conditions that they’ve been putting through. I hope more people support places like this one and stop consuming activities where animals are mistreated. Alex our tour guide was super cool and friendly.

January 05, 2018
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