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Ayutthaya through our lens : TakeMeTour’s Review

Dated back to 1350, Ayutthaya was established and considered the second capital of Siam Kingdom or Thailand as of now.  After 400 years of governing, the city was demolished during the war. The city is  renowned for its historical park that has been listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.  The ruins are the manifest of how prosperous Ayutthaya once was. Let's dive into the vivid history and relive it with your own eyes.

While historical park is a huge thing that people come to visit, there are a lot more Ayutthaya can offer. Visitors can visit local communities, nearby cities and natural scenery for your exclusive experience. Muslim community in Ayutthaya is examplary for its unique identity. They are often known associated with traditional snack like Roti Saimai (A cotton candy wrapped in roti dough) and goat milk. Join a local expert and bring home with you something different. 

7 popular local things to do in Ayutthaya:

1. Temple Tour

Ayutthaya is a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site, thus, there are a lot of temples you can visit here. Visit Wat Phrasrisanphet Temple and Wat Mongkhonbophit Temple, which are both heritage sites. Or visit Wat Mahathat Temple where you can see the special Buddha head in the tree. Or you can visit Wat Chaiwattanaram if you want a view of a temple beside the river. Actually, Ayutthaya has so much temples yet waiting for you to go and explore.

2. See the Biggest Buddha in The World

When you come to Ayutthaya, don't miss your chance to visit Wat Phranuncheng, where you can see the Biggest Buddha in the world here. Wat Phranuncheng is different from other temples in a way that it is "living." If you visit the temple at the right time, you might even get to see a ceremony (like changing robe of the big Buddha) taking place.

3. Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre

Interested in knowing more about the history of this ancient capitial city? Then this is the right place to visit! After you came out of this Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre, you will become a truly Ayutthaya expert.

4. Thai Traditional Cotton Candy Demonstration

Ayutthaya is really famous for its roti-sai-mai, also known as Thai traditional cotton candy crepe. Roti-sai-mai is like a sweet version of burrito, where we put shreads of cotton candy on a flat crepe, roll it up, and eat it. At Ayutthaya, you can actually even see how the cotton candy are made and taste roti-sai-mai that are made fresh for you!

5. Cycling Through the Ancient City

Cycling through the ancient city of Ayutthaya and countryside is a perfect way to explore the real, non-touristy sides of Ayutthaya. In addition to visiting the typical tourist attractions, you will get to explore the local lifestyle that you cannot easily experience anywhere else.

6. Elephant Interaction

Going out with an elephant for a day; does not that sound wonderful? Yes, indeed! It is a rare opportunity that you can actually spend time hanging out with elephant. See them performing a show; feed them; take care of them just like your best friend. Ready to hang out with your cute friend?

7. Dine At Riverside Restaurant

End you day by dining at a riverside restaurant, enjoying your seafood while watching the sunset. (: