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Who is the Local Expert?

Local Expert is like your local friend who love to show you around & share local stories with you during the most friendly & flexible trip.

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Who is the Local Expert?

Local Expert is like your local friend who love to show you around & share local stories with you during the most friendly & flexible trip. Learn More.

Traveler's Review


Ahmed P.

United Kingdom

Sakchai is a wonderfully personable guy who was always eager to let us spend time wherever we wanted to. The tour was a good insight into the sustainable farming effort of Royal Thai institutions. The trip on the Mahusarat canal was more than worth the journey to get there and then each of the stops was equally exciting. We saw farming of lotus, gac fruit, orchid, pomelo and rice. The use of the various base foods into marketable products by the locals in the area was interesting to note. We met wonderful people on the way. All of the people were very hospitable offering us treats along the way. I would highly recommend this tour to all. Thank you Sakchai for a wonderful afternoon.



Cher N.


Mr chai was knowledgeable, eloquent and very proficient in English. He felt like a friend in a foreign land and the people we met a long the way treated us with great hospitality. The agro tour consisted of 5 stops, which includes lotus farm, orchid farm, crispy rice farm, orchard and red melon farm. My mum and I enjoyed the agro tour. They gave us a lotus flower and taught us to fold it, demonstrated how to make crispy rice and provided samples of red melon juice and peaflower juice and sliced fruits. At the lotus farm, they paddled a small boat to bring us around the lotus pond. At the orchard, we got onto a tracker to tour the place including paddy fields. Do buy the crispy rice with meat floss. There are no preservatives and you can't get them in supermarkets. However the main highlight was Mr chai. He was humorous, and tried his best to answer every query that we had. He brought us to an open market where we shared the food that each of us bought, bargained on our behalf, and shared with us facets of his life. He brought us to his aunt's place, a nice homestay with crops and they were very hospitable. We loved the homemade soya milk she made. At mr chai place, his mother gave us pandan leaves grown in their land, when they knew my mum uses pandan leaves for cooking. I would recommend Mr chai services to anyone who wishes to have a down to earth tour and make a friend in a foreign land.



Grace B.

United States

Spending the day with Jeab was a fun and terrific way to experience Thai Culture. We did so much! Boxing, herbs, planting rice, making clay crafts, weaving , learning making silk, cooking, dancing and so much more. What a great way to learn a lot fast. Also she is amazing with a camera and got so many photos of me doing the crafts and trying the activities, it's great to have candid photos of myself doing all these fun things. We talked about life, relationships, differences in culture and shared some stories. Also she helped to translate for me so I could communicate better in everything we did. She is a kind, fun and open minded lady and I'm happy I met her and did this tour.


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