Walk together and learn their living in the jungle.Hug me please.Wowwww bath togeter.We love swimming!Learn about elephant.Sticky waterfall.Sticky waterfall.Sticky waterfall.
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Be an Private Elephant Caretaker & Climb the Sticky Waterfall!


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Food, Transport, Ticket

In the morning, we'll take care of the elephants in the mountains! Learn how to cut grass and sugar canes to feed the elephants, and we'll walk and bathe with them! (No riding, no chain, no hook!) In the afternoon, we'll go to the Sticky Waterfall!



Meet up at your preferred meeting point
- Hotel lobby (in Chiang Mai area)
- Airport (Chiang Mai International Airport)
- Bus Terminal (Chiang Mai Provincial Arcade Transport Station)
- Railway Station (Chiang Mai Railway Station)


We arrive at the Elephant Eco Stay! Change your clothes to the local style, and learn about the elephants' life and food! We'll prepare their meal together starting from cutting grass or sugarcane and make herbal balls! Then, we'll feed the elephant.


Your time to enjoy with our elephant private only your group. We will walk with the elephants to the jungle to learn how the elephants live in the jungle! We'll also take a bath with the elephants!


Say goodbye to the elephants and drive to small cafe to have lunch! If you are a vegetarian, or allergic food please feel free to warn me.


Next, we'll arrive at the Sticky Waterfall! We'll go relax and climb the waterfall!


Let's change into dry clothes! Time to go back to the city!


Return to your hotel in Chiang Mai, and this is where the trip ends! Thank you for joining me!

#This trip is flexible for only your group and you can change afternoon activity to white water rafting and ATV. (extra 700฿ Each)

Price Conditions

Transportation fares are included.

Admission fees are included.

Meals are included.

Why this trip?

Perfect private trip for elephants lovers! Our sanctuary on the mountain includes area 20 acre for 6 elephants where you can meet happy elephants with people who love elephants and enjoy at sticky waterfall in one day. This trip includes photos from me.

Things to prepare for the trip

Repellent Spray, Towel, Swimwear, Sun Protection, Comfortable Shoes, Spare Clothes.

Meeting Points

Hotel Pickup

- Hotel Pickup in Chiang Mai Area


- Chiang Mai International Airport

Bus Terminal

- Chiang Mai Provincial Arcade Transport Station

Railway Station

- Chiang Mai Railway Station

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Book with TakeMeTour
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THB 3,200.00 / Person