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Cook It up the Lanna Style at Thai House in Chiang Mai (Lunch)


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From shopping for ingredients at a local market and harvesting vegetables from my organic garden to cooking the traditional way and dining with my family, you'll get to experience the true Lanna food culture and local lifestyle.




All menu items are subject to seasonal availability.


Please always inform your Local Expert of your food allergies and dietary restrictions.




Meet up at hotel lobby (in Chiang Mai area)


I'll take you to a local market, where we can get our ingredients while experiencing the local way of life. Then continue to my house, it is about 20 minutes to the south of Chiang Mai City.


Walk around my organic garden and learn about local vegetables. Let's cook Lanna or Northern Thai food together like a family. We'll cook using traditional utensils like a charcoal stove.

Khao Soi (Coconut Curry Noodles)
Gaeng Hung Lay (Northern-Style Pork Curry)
Sai Oua (Chiang Mai Sausage)
Khanom Wong (Traditional Thai-Style Donuts)
*All are subject to availability.


Have a meal together as family. Our place is in the countryside surrounded by rice fields, orchards, and organic farms, so enjoy the view. Let's share stories about our cultures and ways of life while eating.


This is the end of the trip. I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for joining me. Then, send you back to the meeting point.

What's also Included
- Recipes book
- Pick up & Drop off by local transport with in 3 kms. from Chiang Mai City.

What's excluded
- Soft drink, alcohol, souvenir, personal expenses

Price Conditions

Transportation fares are included.

Admission fees are included.

Meals are included.

Why this trip?

It is a very unique experience; not a restaurant and not a street stall. This experience lets you see the preparation of the food, eat the food, talk and visit with the cooks as they prepare your food and later, simply talk as a "Lanna family".

How local is it?

Authentically Local! Experiencing the people, the cultural and the food in the traditional Lanna style, including dinner time with locals. There are many thing that can be learned & shared.

What makes it unique?

Lanna food, local transportation, countryside environment, local people.

Things to prepare for the trip

Comfortable clothes and shoes.

Meeting Point

Hotel Pickup

- Hotel Pickup in Chiang Mai Area

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Book with TakeMeTour
and get a free insurance!
THB 2,900.00 / Person