Songkran Festival: The Ultimate Guide to Thai New Year and Thai Water Festival

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“Songkran Festival, Songkran Day, Thai Water Festival” Thailand’s signature festival has many names. And yes, it is finally upon us again! Celebrated from April 13 to 15, Songkran Festival is a special time when Thai summer turns cool and fighting becomes a friendly act... All thanks to the world’s biggest water fight that’s covered in every single corner.

While many travelers know that Songkran Day is also the traditional Thai New Year, water fight has become synonymous with the festival. Many travelers have enjoyed the Thai Water Festival aspect, but few have experienced the traditional beauty of Thai New Year. So how about enjoying both fun and lovely moments on this special day?

Here are the ultimate guides to Songkran Festival 2020! We split this into two editions to cover both sides of the festival, including some local tips. Crazy or Calm (or both), you choose it!


Songkran Day: Water guns and other weapons of choice at the ready during Thai Water Festival

Things to Do during Songkran Festival 2020: The Crazy Edition

1. Get wet and wild at Thai Water Festivals

With the temperature rising as high as 40 °C, April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand. Since Songkran Day is celebrated in April, water has become the staple of the festival. Over the years, it has evolved from gentle water splashing at family and friends to a full-blown water fight, especially on the main streets of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Bowls, buckets, hoses and water guns are all fine in this playful water war. Pickup trucks are armed with huge water barrels and loaded with enthusiastic water fighters. So now, get your spirit up, grab your bucket, and be a water fighter!

If you love a fun refreshing time, you'll definitely love these streets 

1) Bangkok: Khao San Road, Silom, Siam, RCA, Ratchada Soi 4 
2) Chiang Mai: Tha Phae Gate
3) Phuket: Soi Bangla
4) Chonburi: Pattaya Walking Street
5) Khon Kaen: Khao Niao Road 

*Please note that Songkran in these area has been cancelled in 2020

Did you know that water splashing is more than a fun way to cool down? It symbolizes washing off other people’s bad luck and sins. After all, it’s Thai New Year. Time for fresh beginnings and well wishes.

With that in mind, please be considerate before you pull the trigger or dump water on someone. Don’t splash water in their eyes. No dirty water, ice cubes or anything that’s harmful. Also, don’t drench anything that moves. Monks, elderly people and babies are no-nos and please spare unsuspecting passersby and people who are working, too. 

After all, not everyone wants to join the water fight. To prevent accidents, don’t target motorcycles and cars either. It's better to be safe than sorry, so don't forget to take preventive measures. Protect your eyes with goggles and your valuables with waterproof bags. Don’t wear white, so you don’t have to worry when it’s soaked up.  

TakeMeTour’s Tip: Want to feel the Songkran spirit even more? Wear colorful floral shirts. While there are no specific outfits for Songkran Day, many locals associate the floral shirts with this festival.

2. Step up and get your dance moves out at Songkran music festivals

During Songkran Festival, some of the famous streets not only become water battlegrounds but also party venues. Stages and sound systems are set up along with water cannons and foam machines. If you are a party lover, this is definitely your time to forge ahead. Besides dancing and having a blast, you can even meet popular Thai singers and DJs at these parties. So, get your coolest moves out and sway!

However, the party atmosphere sometimes leads to a super wild night. So be cautious and don’t let your guard down! 

Note: Please keep in mind that since 2017, it’s forbidden to play music and dance on pickup trucks due to safety reasons.

3. Get a truly “Wild” Songkran day at the Elephant Sanctuary

Elephants are the national animal of Thailand. Let’s enjoy this special day to the fullest and have a super unique experience! If you say you are into a fun water fight, well, our elephant friends love it more! On Songkran day, most elephant sanctuaries and elephant retirement parks usually open for the visitors to come and have a lovely time. Celebrate the moment with water splashing, elephant feeding, and witness an amazing painting show by these incredible beings.

TakeMeTour’s Tip: we suggest you take part in washing, bathing, and kindly celebrate Songkran day with the elephant. Avoid activities like Elephant Riding, to support the end of animal enslavement put forward by most elephant rescue parks.

Songkran Festival: Scented water, flowers and silver bowl, traditional beauty of Thai New Year

Things to Do during Songkran Festival 2020: The Calm Edition

1. Be blessed by Buddhist monks

Songkran Festival is first and foremost a Buddhist festival. Therefore, you can doubtlessly experience its traditional version at temples. On the morning of Songkran Day, Buddhists give alms to monks at temples. Some temples also organize a ceremony in which you can pour water on monks’ hands and receive blessings from them. And yes, if you are planning to join a fun water fight at the walking streets, the religious events are usually held in the morning as well. So, step out in the morning to experience this lovely authentic Thai tradition, and cool yourself down with a splash at noon! Don’t worry if you aren’t a Buddhist. Feel free to talk to the locals and they'll help you :)

TakeMeTour’s Tip: Thais pour water onto elders’ hands to show their respect. Since April 13 is also Thailand’s Family Day and April 14 the Elderly Day, the younger traditionally sprinkle water onto their parents’ and grandparents’ hands. The ceremony is called rod nam dam hua in Thai.

2. Build the most beautiful sand pagodas

As strange as that sounds, bringing sand into temple grounds is one of the most unique ways to make merit during Songkran Festival. Every time you walk into and out of temple grounds, your feet also take some sand out of them. Therefore, taking sand into temple grounds symbolizes returning it to the temples. The sand is later used for construction at temples.

At famous temples, especially in Bangkok Old Town and Chiang Mai Old City, locals build sand pagodas and decorate them with colorful flags and flowers. There are even sand pagoda building competitions. So, get your skill out and build your pagodas like the locals do!

TakeMeTour’s Tip: Held as part of Songkran Festival in Chonburi, Wan Lai Festival from April 16-17 in Bang Saen Beach area showcases elaborate sand sculptures (Cancelled in 2020).  If you want a beach vacay, but aren’t a fan of rowdy party scenes in Pattaya and Phuket, choose Bang Saen.  

3. Bathe Buddha images

We normally show reverence to Buddha by praying with lotus blossoms, incense sticks and candles, prostrating and placing gold leaf on Buddha images. However, you can also do it with water on Songkran Day. As the Thai New Year arrives, Thai Buddhists “bathe” Buddha images (song nam phra in Thai) by sprinkling water onto them with Thai-style silver bowls. The water is scented with flowers.

Major Buddha images such as Phra Buddha Sihing at Bangkok National Museum and Buddha statue at Wat Phra Singh in Chiang Mai are paraded along the streets, so people can pour water on them.

In addition to bathing Buddha images at temples, you can do it at various shopping malls and markets.

4. Join the vibrant, traditional Thai fun

While the festivities aren’t exactly calm, it’s still a far cry from the frenzied water fight. Definitely a welcome change for those who want to join the festival without getting soaked from head to toe. Local food stalls line the streets and once you refuel, you can enjoy some midway-style games and watch cultural performances as well as Miss Songkran Beauty Pageants.

Being an official holiday time in Thailand, taking days off and going on a trip is another thing the locals do. At this time of the year, you can experience such a lively vibe at most attractions. So come enjoy a fun vibe and the different side of Thailand. Or, if you are looking for a more peaceful and relaxing journey, let our Local Experts show you the coolest spots for your unique New Year celebration.

Now you know all that Songkran Festival has to offer. Since we may not able to join  the wild Thai Water Festival this year, you can always go traditional and experience blissful calm of Thai New Year at temples. Sawasdee Pi Mai (Happy New Year) and Happy Songkran 2020!

P.S. Many more local experiences await during Thai festivals and holidays. Check out our guide to public holidays and festivals in Thailand.

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