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Asiatique is a mix of 2 of the most popular shopping experiences in Bangkok: a night bazaar and a shopping mall. Around 10 minutes downstream from Saphan Taksin BTS Station. Believe it or not, Asiatique's old site was a once-bustling international trade port. Now, it's a huge replica warehouse complex with over 1,500 boutiques shops and 40 restaurants. 

Open from 5 pm onwards, spending an evening here is no problem. You can enjoy selecting a wide variety of items at boutiques and find many kinds of cuisines to choose from at Asiatique. There are four sections at Asiatique. Most of the tiny boutiques selling souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelry, and clothing separated into four warehouses. For entertainment, there are also shows performed at night. The most famous shows are Calypso Cabaret, and Joe Louis Theatre, a classic Thai puppet performance. 

The most popular section in Asiatique is the Factory District which sells trendy clothing and gadgets, including an Apple store. At the Water Front District, visitors can find more proper dining options, such as Italian, Thai or seafood. The last section is the Town Square District where you can find bars and outdoor space for events. You can find many cafés all over Asiatique offering top-notch coffee and decent Thai food. You can also find other big chain restaurants, i.e. KFC, The Pizza Company, Au Bon Pain and MK here in Asiatique. 

TakeMeTour's Review

Asiatique has been holding Bangkok residents' and tourists' hearts for the past 7 years. The selection of shops is interesting, with a wide range of unusual brands. Asiatique is usually busy but isn’t overrun by tourists – many locals enjoy coming here too. Asiatique is definitely worth dedicating an evening to and it gives you a space to chill out with a cool river breeze. 

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