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Thailand is home to the largest Chinese community in the world. These descendants would grow to dominate much of the Thai commerce and politics with 10 prime ministers being Chinese descendants. Surprisingly, many have no idea about their ancestors and are eager to know more. The Dragon Descendants Museum is the perfect place for you if you’d love to uncover the story of local Thais in a super fascinating and fun way. So, why not add the Dragon Descendants Museum to your next cultural visit?

The Dragon Descendants Museum was built in 1996 to celebrate the 20 years of Thai-Chinese diplomatic relations. Located in the Suphanburi City Pillar Shrine. Shaped like a massive brightly coloured Fiberglass Chinese dragon, it took ten years of planning and 600 days to build this magnificent structure. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by the gigantic luminous dragon releasing water from its mouth. So don’t miss getting some cool snaps at this unique entrance!

Once you have arrived at the museum, there are three sections for you to explore. Few steps from the entrance you will come across the city pillar shrine. Take a glimpse at the first pillar of the museum, put by the former ruler of Suphanburi. Visitors usually stop here to worship the god of the shrine. So, don’t miss your lucky chance and pray like the locals do! Strolling further, you will discover the Celestial Dragon Village before entering the museum area. Here the buildings are delicately built in Chinese style. You can find restaurants providing you with a wide range of food types, and museum shops. Choose your favourite souvenirs bring home, and grab some tasty goodies. Inside the museum, you will find a fully interactive display about the history of China, from the creation myth to modern history. And if you think visiting the museum will be boring, you are undoubtedly wrong. Here, you will see a fascinating story presented through the use of light and sound, models and movies to keep you hooked. And no need to worry, there are English and Chinese audio available for non-Thai speakers!

The museum warmly welcomes you every day, except for Tuesdays. Visitors can enter in an hour-long tour guide and pay an entrance fee of 499THB for adults and 299THB for children. Getting there to the Dragon Descendants Museum is relatively easy with a private car, since it is located right in the city of Suphan Buri. But, if you would like to take a trip from Bangkok, it would take around an hour to get here. Get some help from our friendly Local Experts if you would love to know more!

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