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The Grand Palace of Bangkok is, indeed, as grand as it gets. With its beautiful architecture teeming with intricate details, the Grand Palace continues to be one of Bangkok’s most visited spots. Inside the walls are proud examples of the creativity and craftsmanship of the Thai people. Together with the birth of Bangkok, it remains the spiritual home of Thailand. 

Making your way to the Grand Palace in Bangkok is more enjoyable by getting off the road. We recommend you to take advantage of the water by grabbing a river taxi. You’ll have a good excuse to see the Chao Phraya River up close. Else, you can grab a taxi from the nearest BTS Skytrain station at Saphan Taksin Station.


In reality, the Grand Palace didn’t always look as impressive as it is today. During the beginning of its construction in 1782, King Rama I used wood and whatever material nearby. Eventually, bricks were recovered from the ruins of the former capital of Ayutthaya. Then, they were ferried down the Chao Phraya River to be used for construction. 

Within the palace complex are several impressive buildings including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The greatly revered Emerald Buddha dating back to the 14th century is also in this very temple. 


The area of Grand Palace is divided into three different zones or courts. There is the Inner, Middle, and Outer Court. However, it’s the Outer Court where you’ll spend most of your time in buildings that are open to the public. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is another one of the top places to visit in Thailand. 

For fans of architecture, most of the structures use traditional Thai architecture, while others have more of a European look. The best thing is, like many other stunning structures in Thailand, you will see a combination of both. There are over 100 buildings on the grounds, including the Amarinda Hall, the original residence of King Rama I.  

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The Grand Palace is always full of tourists, but for a good reason. The architecture is impressive, the area is truly beautiful, and it is home to one of the most extraordinary temples in Thailand. 

It’s a sure thing that a trip to Thailand wouldn’t be complete without making a stop at the Grand Palace. With our Local Experts, your experience will not only be hassle-free, but you will also uncover the decorated history of not only the Grand Palace, but of Bangkok as well!


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