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Demi E.

[Joined Tour] An One-Day Tour of Kanchanaburi + River Kwai + Death Railway

Very organised

Staff were fantastic, the trip was effortless and very enjoyable. Will definitely book through this website again :D

April 11, 2018
analyn c.

[Joined Tour] Travel From Bangkok and See The Damnoen saduak Floating Market + Train Market

it was worth the long trip

the trip was great..the guide was very helpful..since its a joined tour, the others who joined in were very noisy and so loud and disrespectful to other tourists..

April 02, 2018
benji t.

[Joined Tour] An One-Day Tour of Kanchanaburi + River Kwai + Death Railway

Great Trip

It was a great trip but the pickup was bad.
It was mentioned that the pick up time was 6.30 AM. But driver said he was there at 6.15 AM and left us at 6.30.
So we had to take a taxi to a selected location which costs us around 120 Baht.

March 26, 2018
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