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Chonburi through the local's lens: TakeMeTour's Review

Just a short drive from Bangkok, most travelers know Chonburi as home to the world-famous Pattaya. However, the Eastern beach side city has a lot more to offer than notorious night clubs. The world’s biggest wooden palace, Cartoon Network theme water park and fresh seafood market are also the major draws for those in the know. Find out local-recommended things to do in Chonburi here. 

Sanctuary of Truth

If you’re thinking to bypass the Sanctuary of Truth because you have visited one too many temples, we say take a quick look at the ornate art works and you might want to think twice.

The gigantic wooden village was built by the same entrepreneur as the beautiful Mueng Boran (Ancient City) in Samut Prakarn and the stunning Erawan Museum. The Sanctuary of Truth illustrates the owner’s deep faith in religious as an everyday staple, as well as the beauty of  philosophy, arts and culture. The fun part is you can ride ATV, ride a speed boat or chill in an old-school paddle boat.

Water Parks 

Even though Chonburi is famous for its beaches, water parks are a close runner-up as the town’s main claim to fame. The world’s first and only Cartoon Network theme water park draws both kids and adults looking to beat the heat with their favorite childhood characters. Then, there is the Ramayana, South East Asia’s biggest water park with a plethora of kid-friendly rides and the adult pool with a groovy bar - a great place for a family day out. Get up to 50% off tickets to these fun water parks here.

Koh Larn

It’s almost impossible to talk about Chonburi and not mention Koh Larn. Just a 20-minute ride from Pattaya, the small island offers clear blue water and a beach for time-strapped travelers or Bangkokians needing a quick weekend getaway. However, if you are looking for space and quietude, the right islands are the ones in the deep south of Thailand. 

Nong Mon Market

Whether you are renting a chillaxing beachfront bungalow and looking for cheap and fresh-off-the-sea seafood for homemade barbecue dinner, or simply love exploring fresh markets, Nong Mon Market might be just what you’re looking for. 

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