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When mentioning the west of Thailand, Kanchanaburi usually pops up to our mind. The city that is filled with the endless history of Thailand during World War II. But, amongst the traces of the past, hidden the scenic natural spot. Erawan Waterfall is recognised as one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Thailand. Here, you can explore the beauty of the nature-made attractions in the midst of the laid-back atmosphere, situated just a few hours away from Bangkok

Located in Erawan National Park, this stunning 7-tiered waterfall is vastly known for its emerald green pool. Among these serene vibes, you can enjoy cooling yourself down in the 1,500 metres long fall, surrounded by the abundant wildlives. Dating back to 1975, Erawan National Park was found as the 12th national park in Thailand. The area covers over 550 Inside, you will find the max level of wilderness, several fascinating caves, and the endless number of wildlives. Whether it's the exquisite view from the top of Erawan Waterfall, or the scenery along the pathway, both will surely brighten up your relaxing day.

If you are a fan of nature, the first level of Erawan Waterfall is definitely for you. Strolling along the trail, you will come across a super big pond full of countless fish (But, don’t worry. They aren’t scary, just a bit ticklish). If you are more of an adventurer, we think the second tier “Wang Macha” is perfect. Here, you will find a small cave. Plus, the pond at this level is suitable for swimming as there are basins with Mahseer! Want more fun? Go down the slide at the 4th tier or “Ok Phisua”. However, note that each level needs a 20 to 50 metres hike, so it would take you around 3 hours to get to the top. So, charge up your energy by dipping yourself in the cool water before heading out to the next level!

Of course, coming to Kanchanaburi, you’ll probably have the famous Death Railway and the River Kwai Bridge in mind. And yes, they are definitely the must-visits, still! Here, you can retrieve the tragic stories happening during World War II. Walk along the rail track built in 1940s, and explore the living of forced labourers and prisoners back in the day. Don’t miss your chance on getting a cool photo in the breathtaking backdrop of River Kwai!

It’s truer than true that Kanchanaburi is filled with the memories of the past. However, many unseen gems are hidden among this historical city, and they are certainly worth visiting, ranging from the cave temple to elephant haven. See the city with our Local Experts for a super-unique experience :) 

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Though Erawan Waterfall can be visited any time of the year, we suggest you enjoy its emerald green pool during November to February due to the previous seasonal rain filling up the pond. The admission fee is only 300 THB, and you can explore every bit of the national park. If you have a chance to visit the Death Railway and River Kwai Bridge, and would love to know more about the history, don’t miss checking out JEATH War Museum where you can find genuine artifacts excavated from World War II and the replicas of how people live during the time of battles!

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