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Bangkok Chinatown's city plan is very complex as it comprises of many small alleys and hidden pedestrian-only walkway. There are a few bigger roads as if they were little highways that cross these small alleys. Along the streets, there are many huge neon signs and Chinese products hung up to attract potential customers. This makes it quite a charming place with an iconic atmosphere that can't be found even in other Chinatowns in the world. Get ready for the sights, smells, and taste at this unique melting pot that is Bangkok Chinatown.

The best Chinese restaurants in Bangkok are located in Bangkok Chinatown. Both locals and tourists flock here for the Bird’s nest, shark fin soup, abalone or seafood (very fresh) can also be found here. Moreover, Thai-Chinese food and dessert places decorate the little alleyways and roads, making it a foodie's paradise!

What is also special about Yaowarat is that it has two different feels. At daylight, Bangkok Chinatown is the biggest gold trading center. Along the streets, there are many gold shops, Chinese herbs shops, fruit stalls, and authentic Chinese restaurants from different regions. On the other hand, after the sunset, Bangkok Chinatown turns into a massive melting pot of street food. The road is full of food stalls, food trucks, and modest-looking restaurants with metal tables and plastic chairs located in old-school commercial buildings. There are vast selections of food with incredible tastes waiting for you, such as toasted buns with different fillings, seafood, Chinese-style noodle, and iced Chinese desserts. This will always be a heaven for the foodies! 

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Bangkok Chinatown offers a plethora of street food options at night and a unique cultural vibe during the day. Many Thai Chinese come here for traditional ingredients, sell their gold, or finding their favorite food. At night is when Bangkok Chinatown comes to life. However, please note the food stalls pop up every day except Monday, as Monday is Bangkok's official day for cleaning the streets. Have fun trying all the different street food and taking in the vibe!

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