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Who is the Local Expert?

Local Expert is like your local friend who love to show you around & share local stories with you during the most friendly & flexible trip.

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Who is the Local Expert?

Local Expert is like your local friend who love to show you around & share local stories with you during the most friendly & flexible trip. Learn More.

Traveler's Review


Mary H.


Interesting places but the timing is a bit rush



R B.

United States

How fun to have a local walk you through some of Bangkok's most beautiful sites. For people "Working" w/ the heat, and moving back bit slower, Jino is very considerate and patient, which for me helped immensely. Jino is also knowledgeable of "other" local area stuff & has a great sense of humor. Highly recommend for English-speakers.





Great experience with the locals



Sean W.


Booked a tour to the floating market and Maeklong Railway Market. Mr Sinchai (Ben) was fantastic, he showed us far more than we were expecting with everything flawlessly organised to make our day run as smoothly and as enjoyable as possible. The guide through the markets, the advice on how much to pay and the authentic Thai food that was selected made the day. Thankyou Ben we will recomend you to all of our friends that decide to visit this amazing city.



Charity J.

United States

We loved the waterfalls and we loved PD's company! She picked us up on time and we stopped by a local market on the way and got fruit. We explored the waterfalls and she let us explore as long as we wanted--no rush, which was really nice. We ate a wonderful lunch that she brought from her uncle's shop and stopped by a cave on the way back! It was a wonderful time and we are really glad we did it! One of our favorite days in Chiang Mai!



Jameelah S.

United States

This gentlemen, Mr. Raewat, has been the highlight of our trip thus far! We canceled an excursion for which we were hearing bad reviews. It was only about 5-6 hours left in the day to make plans for the following day, so I hit the googles to find a group tour for Wat Pho. I came across many sites, but they were either too expensive or didn't have any availability. I finally got to @takemetour_thailand which is almost like an Uber/Lyft service for private tours. It matches you with a guide who is available to show you around. This service included Mr. Raewat as our private tour guide, entry to 2 locations (we paid for the 3rd), transportation, ferry ride, snacks, water, and a full meal!! Mr. Raewat was so kind! He was knowledgable, patient, and very attentive! His daughter's 15th birthday was yesterday, but he was with us clowns sweating it out at the #grandpalace #watarun and #watpho Once we found out it was his daughter's birthday, whom he had actually planned to take out to dinner, I said we have to hurry up and get back so he can be on his way... but with the #Bangkok gridlock, took us 2 hours to drive back to our hotel and he had another 2 hour drive home! I felt really bad about that, but the overall experience was unparalleled.



Yh C.


Artitat was punctual and very friendly. He prepared lots of cold drinks in the cooler box and snacks. He always checked to ensure I have sufficient water and food. When I requested not to have buffet luncj and change to a simply meal, he joyfully went to make arrangement... I appreciate the effort he made to ensure my comfort. His command of English is limited but sufficient for communication.



Peter B.


The trip started out a little late, because of trouble with the BTS outside our guide's control. From the BTS station we went by boat on the Chao Phraya river, always beautiful. On the boat, she talked us into 'what you are going to see and eat'. Then a short walk onto Yaowarat street, most signs lit up brightly in Chinese. Then delicious food, many different flavors. We realized that the small yellow balls, which we had seen on sale on the streetside on the road to Chiang Mai, had been gingo, and they were yummy. The duck rolls and the mango and sticky rice desert were especially tasty. She brought us back by tuk-tuk, underground and BTS to 100 meters from our hotel. My mother (first time in Thailand) and me (old hand) had a great time.





Jack was smiling from beginning to the end - a credit to his profession. Whenever we had requests or had questions, he would be more than happy to accommodate and answer any questions. For example, we wanted Jok Sompet for breakfast, and he took us right away. His selection of Wats to visit are also off-the-beaten-path, so that was well appreciated because we didn't want to do anything mainstream. Jack's knowledge of Burmese, Lanna and Thai culture/history/tradition really made the tour interesting and meaningful. Also, the Kao Soi meal was a nice ending for a great day. Thanks Jack, we will highly recommend him to any visitor to Chiang Mai.


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