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Top Things to Do in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand: Mekong’s Soulful Grandeur, Mickey Mouse-Shaped Pothole and Phenomenal Shrimp March

Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand Despite being one of the major cities in Isan (Northeastern Thailand), Ubon Ratchathani doesn’t get enough credit for its raw beauty. Brimming with natural hidden gems, the city remains largely unexplored and is thus a dreamy spot if you’re looking for a quirky off-the-beaten-path destination. Located along the Mekong and sharing its […]

Top Things to Do in Chiang Rai, Thailand: White, Black and Blue Temples Plus Hilltop Sunrise and Tea Plantations

Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand With the Thai cave rescue making headlines everywhere from June to July 2018, the low-key Northern city of Chiang Rai has gone down in history. While most people will probably associate Chiang Rai with the flooded Tham Luang Cave, the 13 trapped members of the Wild Boar Academy football team, and […]

Top Things to Do in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand: Pink Dolphins, Shadow Puppets and Thailand’s Purest Ozone

Nakhon Si Thammarat, Southern Thailand In recent years, Nakhon Si Thammarat (also called Muang Kon or just Nakhon) has kind of gotten on tourists’ radar thanks to Kiriwong Village, the place with the purest ozone in Thailand. Well, emphasis on “kind of”. The rest of the southern city remains underexplored, but it’s actually packed with […]

Top Things to Do in Trat, Thailand: Island Hopper’s Paradise with Coconut Trees, Cultures, and Deer

Trat, Eastern Thailand The far east of Thailand, Trat borders the Gulf of Thailand to the south and Cambodia to the east. Its location makes for a convenient transit point between Thailand and Cambodia’s popular beach resort, Sihanoukville, as well as other up-and-coming destinations like Battambang. However, the city is far more than a transportation […]

Top Things to Do in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand: Khmer-Style Sanctuaries, Christmas Star Festival and Indigo-Dyed Treasures

Sakon Nakhon, Northeastern Thailand To many visitors, Northeastern Thailand or Isan is the most difficult region to travel around. That, however, is changing. The biggest region in Thailand, Isan has a wealth of attractions and traditions, especially in Sakon Nakhon. Now served by daily flights from Bangkok, you can fly to the upper northeastern city […]

Top Things to Do in Trang, Thailand: To-Die-for Snorkeling Spots, Diverse Cuisine and 200-Year-Old Weaving Culture

Trang, Southern Thailand Southern Thailand is the ultimate dream destination for sea, sand and sun seekers, but where to? If you ask a local for recommendation, Trang will definitely be one of the answers and rightfully so. While Phuket, Samui and Krabi are obvious choices, Trang is still a hidden gem among foreign travelers. Its […]

Top Things to Do in Phrae, Thailand: Sandstone City, Indigo Dyeing Village and Coral Mountain

Phrae, Northern Thailand A sleepy northern province in the embrace of mountains, Phrae is literally and figuratively a hidden gem. A small town with really big charm. While you probably have never heard of this city before, you might have seen photos of Thai farmers wearing indigo shirts. These traditional shirts are the city's pride […]

Top Things to Do in Nan, Thailand: Sleep Under the Stars, Live the Tribal Tai Lue Life and Marvel at Salt Wells

Nan, Northern Thailand Nan. The name that once evoked scenes of rural villages hidden among undulating mountains and rugged roads less trodden. With its wild landscape and remote location, the city became part of Thailand only about a hundred years ago and remained under the radar from even Thai locals until the late 20th century. […]