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Less Than 1 Hour from Chiang Mai

Less than an hour’s drive from Chiang Mai lies Lamphun. More than just Chiang Mai’s little brother, you’ll find a range of places and activities you can enjoy all in this quaint little town. Stunning temples, delectable food, and warm, lovely local communities are easily within reach. If you’re looking for a short day trip jam-packed with many activities to enjoy, then Lamphun is your answer!   

1-2 Hours from Chiang Mai 

If you want an authentic taste of Northern Thailand yet don't do well with crowds, Lampang might be just the right destination. Small, calm, and rich with ornate temples and inviting hot springs, this city is only less than a 2-hour drive from Chiang Mai. Particularly great for history buffs, the city itself is even older than Chiang Mai. Visit Lampang, and be amazed by the charming character of the city! 

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Cities 3 Hours from Chiang Mai 

Just 3 hours away from Chiang Mai, you’ll find cities in the embrace of verdant mountains. From farmer villages making indigo shirts, the sheer artistry of the temples, beautiful tea plantations to the world-renowned Golden Triangle, time spent in these small but hugely charming towns is one you will definitely cherish. If you want, you can stay overnight to get the most out of your trip. 

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 Cities 4 Hours from Chiang Mai

A 4-hour drive from Chiang Rai lies Nan and Sukhothai. The names that once evoked scenes of rural villages hidden among undulating mountains and the iconic ruins of the former Siamese capital. While its raw beauty remains, enough development has reached these northern cities nowadays. Now it has become easier than ever to explore the laid-back old town, tiny but culturally rich villages, vast rice fields, and staggering ancient ruins. An overnight stay there is definitely recommended!   

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 A Local's Take on the Best Places Near Chiang Mai: TakeMeTour's Review 

 Chiang Mai has always been a big hit for all sorts of travelers, but only a few continue their visit to travel into the surrounding lush hills and lovely nature. Even fewer visit the charming neighboring cities of Nan, Lampang, and Lamphun (to name a few), all of which have an even older history than Chiang Mai. The area of northern Thailand offers an incredible range of amazing destinations. Other than the jungles and pristine waterfalls, mountain trekking is also a widely enjoyed activity for those who like a little adventure. What’s more, small villages are filled with locals who live a life far differently than Thais living in big cities. With so many marvelous things to see and do, why not break away and get off the beaten track? Let’s experience northern Thailand the way the locals see it by checking out our selected day trips below!  

If these are not exactly what you're looking for, remember that Chiang Mai can still fit the bill for every type of traveler. Discover more of Chiang Mai right here below!  

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