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Experience the Wisdom of Thai Herbal Ball Making in Chiang Mai


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3 Hours

We will make a dry herbal ball after that, we will use it for your massage. Thai herbal ball is used for kneading and rolling on various parts of the body by using a herbal ball after Thai massage.

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Meet up at hotel lobby (in Chiang Mai area)


I will serve you with Thai herb drink, and we get to know each other. After that, we will begin the process of learning how to make Thai herbal ball. Start by explaining what the ingredients and the benefits of herbs in Thai herbal ball.


After we finish, we will try Thai herbal hot compress massage with your Thai herbal ball. My Therapist will give you a massage for 1.5 Hrs.


After the massage, we will serve you hot tea with Thai snack and drop you at the hotel.

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Why this trip?

In addition to the relaxation of the massage, we also have the knowledge about Thai herbs and the Thai herbal hot compress massage.

Things to prepare for the trip

Please indicate if you have any allergies, or reaction to any skin care products. Dermatitis, eczema or any other skin rash, irritation, or pregnant. Have any serious medical condition.

Meeting Point

Hotel Pickup

- Hotel Pickup in Chiang Mai Area

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