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Experience Traditional Rubber Ball Making in Muang Kung, Chiang Mai!


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4 Hours

Let's get new experiences creating things by your hands in a half day trip! You'll go to a workshop where rubber products are made! You'll also be sightseeing at Muang Kung pottery village in Chiang Mai. Join me! What are you waiting for!

Art & Craft Workshops



Meet up at hotel lobby (in Chiang Mai area)


Let's visit a rubber plantation that grew the first orchard in Chiang Mai! You'll briefly get to know about the latex rubber harvesting, and its uses!


Now, we'll get to go to a rubber product exercise class! You'll see:
- gloves coated with latex
- rubber ball for health
and how they're useful in our lives!


Let's go clay pottery making at Muang Kung Village!


It's time to have lunch!


We'll return you back to your hotel! I hope you enjoyed my trip! Thank you so much for joining me!

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Why this trip?

To explore handmade rubber ball of Chiangmai, show to make use from natural product and usage for better health.

How local is it?

Rubber product are the way to solve low price of rubber yield by add their value . Rubber ball can use to anti stiffness, stimulate blood circulation, relax and exercise any body part, all are good for health. The pottery village is a great OTOP

What makes it unique?

rubber ball for heath is the unique product that only me make it from natural latex (cannot buy from any store)
clay pottery village only make at Muaeng Kung, this is Lanna heritage.

Things to prepare for the trip

Casual wearing easy to do activity with the latex and color.

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